why i write.

To really answer that, to explain why I write, I have to go back a few years.

After completing a Master’s Thesis on Canada’s abolition of the death penalty, my keen interest in anti-oppressive values directed me to work at pro-bono Legal Aid clinics with a goal of using my education and social privilege to counteract systems of oppression.
And that was a very rewarding experience.
In those roles, I was afforded opportunities 
of working alongside a team of inspiring women who mentored me to help me accomplish that goal.
During all this, I also continued organizing around food justice and ecological defence issues, most notably by helping plan multiple large-scale events designed to help people find enthusiasm and self-care in confronting collective social ills.

In recent years, however, my life has switched course: following a diagnosis of clinical depression (brought about by a situation that nearly ended in suicide), I have made many affirming decisions to change my life for the better.
Along with dealing with my chronic mental illness through medical treatment, I recognize my own continued personal growth and emotional maturity that have helped me to recover and continue onwards with a new sense of purpose, albeit a new direction.

Coming so near death, it drove home to me how much of life is SO uncertain, how it is subject to dramatic change in ways that leave our heads spinning.
So I made the choice to pursue a new career of writing creative speculative fiction.
Despite having no formal education in the craft, nor any money saved to devote to training, I approached writing with 3 things: a passion for learning; patience to fail and be rejected; and the Internet to teach me.
And so far, I have found it SO rewarding. In particular, I have found incredible fulfilment 
writing children’s literature and young adult content, told through a lens of science fiction & fantasy.

My bold ambition with everything I write is to not only inspire people but to help them help themselves, to enlighten each individual about the inner courage that we all possess. Not only does the self-employed work lifestyle better cater to my health, but I am able to channel my activist and legal backgrounds into creating content which realizes the transformative justice that I believe we have the potential to manifest into existence.

The true challenge before us all is whether we have the strength to look inwards and explore our own ignorance, fears, and responsibilities with determination and integrity. Through the art of storytelling, I truly feel that people can be enlivened by meeting characters, immersing into strange fantastic worlds, and being invited on adventures.

The words I write are my preferred medium for expressing honest insights of my lived experiences. Using skills that I practice sharpening each day, my desire is to articulate truths worth sharing, coupling my own vulnerability with tales to empower readers.

That is why I write.
And thank you for reading.



2 thoughts on “why i write.

  1. Anon says:

    Beautiful. If only more people were as willing to offer up their own struggles to make change in the world around them. That is what’s inspiring to the people who need it the most: the willingness to accept and show what you are and how you feel as an honest human being, knowing you’re not the only one feeling this, if in your own way, and proving to others that you can go on and grow from this and live a life that’s unapologetically and mystically your own 🙂

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