Hi, my name is archie!

I am 27, identifying as cis/non-trans and queer, using them/they pronouns, and residing in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada (as a white settler/occupier of indigenous territories) where I live with my partner, 2 dogs, and one cat.

I completed a 2014 Master’s thesis on Canada’s abolishment of the death penalty in 1976. Before pursuing a career as a full-time artist, I worked in multiple legal clinics dedicated to helping advocate family and poverty law for low-income communities.

I help manage the online resource called ELK (, which has organized large-scale events around intersectionality, anti-patriarchy and anti-pipeline resistance, as well as lead conversations about anti-speciesism, prison abolitionism and the collusion of mainstream animal rights with other oppressions.

I cope with chronic mental illness, having good days & bad ones, but I try to keep myself open and vulnerable to see people and events outside of my own assumptions by working to affirm strong boundaries that keep me safe and whole.

Both politically & spiritually, I find contentment as a zen anarchist, which essentially is all about trusting in Change as the one constant of this mighty Universe. I’ve been vegan for over 6 years now, sober for 2 years.

As an introvert & hermit, I spend my days writing speculative fiction, visionary stories, about animals and magic, in genres of science fiction & fantasy and children’s literature.
I really enjoy using art as a medium to convey, in what I conceive to be, important and honest insights about the confusing & difficult experiences of being a human on this planet. But overall, I am just a person trying to be kinder to myself and others, knowing that I will not pass this way again.

And you are?


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