Since 2011, I have been vegan – which sounds pretty incredible when I read that back. Luckily for you, I’ve written about my changing experiences as a vegan and my shifting perspective on veganism culture too.

What I mean by this is to say that I have learned to practice veganism within a wider lifestyle centred around ethical behaviour & consumption – or in other words, buying things that were produced in sustainable, cruelty-free ways for animals, humans and the Earth. Not one or the other, but striving for all to benefit with how I choose to spend (what little) money I have within this capitalist economy. This has included my efforts in imagining veganism existing within a wider culture of animal-friendly entertainment – or in other words, media content that does not exploit animals as we try to laugh & relax: APE Productions.

But living vegan has also changed the ways that I understand “health” and the subjectivity of what that term is really all about. For a good primer, see Living Chronically Vegan, a post that is apart of a wider series called Chronically Vegan.

Finally, for many years now, my veganism has also taken shape in the form of respecting other Earthling creatures – such as through the adoption and daily caretaking of animal companions, who include a cat named Cleo, a boxer named Rufus, and – more famously – a beagle named Phoebe!