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I have been writing all my life.
It only took me a while to actually realize it.
Of course, like many, I have also been hungry for stories in varying forms – from picture books to television shows, to comic books and then longer books, to music and movies, back to novels, netflix and youtube.
My tastes have changed dramatically, of course, from things I can still enjoy now & again (101 Dalmatians the animated disney version, anyone?) to things that I hold some nostalgia for but actually cringe upon watching or paying thought to it (Tim Burton’s Batman Returns, in particular, is both a ridiculous and nonsensical plot? Why did I watch that film SO MANY times and never question its quality?)

But through it all, I have been a writer. 

From long-winded facebook status updates to last-minute editing school essays, I somehow always find enjoyment in the process of writing non-fiction, of talking about the world as we know it, as I see it, and trying to make sense of it all in a somewhat legible stream of sentences.
Read some of it here!

From short-stories about cats to tales for children about magic, I also always seems to be telling a story – whether fan-fiction imaginings about alternative storylines in my favourite TV series or just running with bizarre “what if” scenarios to see where it brings me and what that journey reveals about my own assumptions and fears.
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From quietly doodling during classes & meetings to taking WAY TOO LONG at trying to get that one detail on an image looking just right, I also take great satisfaction in creating visual art that provokes and compels people.
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For those wondering Why I Write, click here.