In the few short years of my writing career – which I define as when I began to write for others to read and enjoy too – I have developed the habit in my research of taking notes. Brief jottings or quick summaries about anything & everything that inspired me.

Lately, as I have moved towards honing my own skills with the writing craft, I have made the intention of trying to condense these research notes to be even more concise and relevant to my work.

In the near future, I will be posting this information in sections onto this blog, so stay tuned for that and I’d imagine you will also want to subscribe to not miss it.

Until then, the following is a list of my favorite writing sites & resources to help be just a generally good human.

This list is by no means comprehensive and will be continuously updated, so bookmark it and visit again later!

thoughtful inspiration & writing prompts

  • Brain Pickings: a treasure chest of free knowledge, insight, information, inspiration, and random fragments populating many famous minds
  • Open Culture: free cultural education media!
  • Quora: a place where the comments are actually helpful and insightful. wow!
  • Good News Network: some courageous, lovely and noble behaviour to reflect over

de-stress help & mood boosters!

boredom killers & healthy procrastination

  • Your Own Maps: custom map maker – geeky yes, but fun nonetheless.
  • GeoGeussr: for those who enjoy getting lost – or GoogleMaps made into a game.
  • 16 Personalities: learn more about yourself & better understand your virtues